Edward KROPP SR.


My name is Edward C. Kropp Sr. and I am running for Magisterial District Judge 38-1-12. 
 I am currently a Detective with the Borough of Pottstown Police Department and
I reside in Lower Pottsgrove Township. 
I have been involved in law enforcement for the past 23 years.


I was born and raised in the Borough of Pottstown and I attended Saint Aloysius Elementary School.
  I graduated high school in 1980 from Saint Pius X located in Lower Pottsgrove Township. 

1985 I attended the Reading Municipal Police Academy in Reading, Pennsylvania and
secured a position as Police Officer  with the Pottstown Police Department.
  Since that time, I have dedicated my life to serving the community and
improving the quality of life for residents of the Borough of Pottstown
 as well as the surrounding communities.


My wife, Kimberly, also has a law enforcement background and
has been employed by Borough of Pottstown Police Department since 1991.
  We have three children,


Edward C. Kropp Jr.,


Brooke Petrecz, and


Marissa Kropp. 

Edward C. Kropp Jr. currently holds the rank of Corporal with the Pottstown Police Department,
while our two daughters are students at Pottsgrove High School
 I have been very fortunate in that I have had the opportunity to serve
the residents of Lower Pottsgrove and the Borough of Pottstown
 in many different capacities throughout my career. 
While employed by the Borough of Pottstown, such opportunities include:

bulletPatrol Officer
bulletK-9 Officer
bulletCommunity Policing Officer
bulletDetective - Major Crimes
bulletDetective - Narcotics
bulletField Training Officer
bulletMember of the Attorney General Drug Task Force


During my career in law enforcement, I was privileged to have been  offered a position with
 the Montgomery County District Attorney's office by District Attorney Bruce Castor.
  I was assigned as a Detective with the Homicide Unit during my employment there.
Although this was a great honor and outstanding career opportunity,
the demanding hours took quality time away from my family.


By serving in the capacities of the aforementioned positions it has enabled me to develop
 a firm foundation upon which I have been able to  build a very successful career.
I have gained an abundance of knowledge, making it possible for me to be well rounded and
 versed in a variety of different situations and circumstances when it comes to
law enforcement and criminal justice.


Throughout the years, I have received numerous awards recognizing me for
 my persistent efforts and outstanding job performance. These awards include: 

bulletUnit Commendations
bulletPersonal Commendations
bulletPolice Officer of the Year
bulletLifesaving Award
bulletDrug Enforcement


I have never considered my employment in law enforcement and criminal justice as a job but rather a career.  I have dedicated my entire life to serving the people and seeking justice.  I have spent countless hours, on my own time, completing reports, conducting investigation and preparing for court because I have such a strong passion for justice and take pride in what I do.


If I am elected the next Magisterial District Judge for District 38-1-12,
I am committed to continuing to make serving the residents of
Lower Pottsgrove Township and the Borough of Pottstown my top priority.
I feel all residents deserve a District Judge that is
experienced, concerned, sincere, and most of all dedicated.





If elected, I, Edward C. Kropp Sr., will be dedicated to serving the residents within Magisterial District 38-1-12.

I will perform my duties to the best of my ability, displaying no bias.

It is my objective to treat all people with fairness and equality.


Campaign Committee

Honorary Chairmen:     Bruce L. Castor Jr. Esq.
Chairman:                      Charles Garner Jr. Esq.
Treasurer:                      Paul Bauer Esq.
Committee Person:        Charles E. Kropp

                   Paid for by Candidate